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With AmeriFab, you’ll get an edge over your competitors with our guaranteed quality and innovative solutions for longer equipment life, higher system up-time and lower operating costs.

Discover AmeriFab’s exclusive products and proven technology, patented worldwide, including:

  • AmeriBronze® is harder than steel and resistant to abrasion, corrosion, thermal shocks and cracking and superior operating life compared to carbon steel. High elasticity and awesome compression strength result in the industry’s most reliable AOD hoods and Off Gas Duct Systems.
  • Our AmeriSpline® technology creates homogenous heat transfer throughout the pipe and spline and instantaneous cooling of slag, for better slag adherence and mechanically locked, integrated splines. Customers report a 400% increase in furnace operating life over conventional steel pipe.
  • Our exclusive AmeriAntiSlag® technology eliminates slag adhesion in LMF, AOD, VOD and VAD hood applications, avoiding skull formation in EAF sidewall panels and roofs, shaft furnace walls and alloy and lime chutes. With this technology, we manufacture and maintain some of the world’s most reliable and innovative CCEAs.

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AmeriFab delivers its product and services all over the world. We have in-house manufacturing, Engineering and sales all under one roof.