Electric Arc Furnace Water Cooled Systems

AmeriFab, Inc. – Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Water Cooled Systems

AmeriFab’s focus is steel making equipment solutions. Our innovative designs continue to provide steelmakers with improvements for safety, maintenance, and operations. AmeriFab analyzes customer problems and site conditions to customize equipment designs. Based on our long history in the melt shops, we are able to concentrate our efforts on material specification and fabrication methods. Our first-class engineering group reviews all cooling system characteristics along with loading conditions and operating conditions.

AmeriFab designs all types of water-cooled components including:

  • EAF sidewall panels
  • EAF Roof Panels
  • EAF 4th Hole Elbows
  • Ductwork
  • Consteel Panels
  • Consteel Tunnel Roofs
  • Electrode Arms
  • Ladle Furnace Roof Systems
  • AOD Hoods & Ducts
  • VTD (Vacuum Tank Degasser) Heat Shield
  • Caster Heat Shields
  • Reheat Furnace Heat Shields