AmeriAntiSlag®, Patent Number: 8,089,999

AmeriFab Patented Product:

  • AmeriAntiSlag®
    • Eliminates slag adhesion in LMF, VAD, VOD Applications
    • Slag adhesion has historically caused the formation of skulls on the sides of the LMF, VAD and VOD hoods. Such skulls can cause safety considerations when the ladle is moved and can drop into the ladle during refining and cause the heat to be either scrapped or downgraded. This significantly improves operational reliability and profitability
    • Can be applied to special applications that require smooth surfaces and minimization of slag formation in such equipment as:
      • EAF Sidewall panels
      • EAF Roof
      • Shaft Furnace Walls
      • Alloy and Lime Chutes
  • Design Flexibility
    • Any combination of technologies can be applied to meet customer needs